Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Kids Mean More Cool Gadgets

When my wife first told me that she was pregnant, well I was over the moon. I could not believe that we were actually going to have a little tiny human that we had created. Just the two of us. I could not have been more excited about what this meant and all the new responsibilities that it was going to be.

After the initial shock and happiness simmered down some, we started planning our new nursery and how we would raise the little tike once it actually arrived.

My job was to make sure that we got the spare room cleaned out and painted so that we could go shopping for new furniture and decorations for the baby's arrival. We decided to paint it green  and go with that color scheme since we are not big fans of traditional gender stereotyping. And then we had some fun with the decor. There are dinosaurs and frogs on one wall and the other wall looks like a rain forest while the other wall has sort of a fantasy- fairy scene. Perfect for any little kid if you ask me.

After that, it was time for the fun stuff. And no, I am not talking about the baby bed and the other baby furniture. We got to shop for all kinds of new gadgets and tech items and toys for the little tiger. This is where I went crazy.

I'd seem some cool baby monitors over on Home Tech Haven and knew that we needed some of those for keeping an eye on the little guy. We also stocked up on a neat lamp that projects the starts on the ceiling, a cool mobile for the bed that plays music and some of the coolest little toys and baby gear that I've ever seen. I had no idea that they made all this cool stuff for babies or I might have had one sooner!